Our Story

Owlet Juice was purchased by Loddington Farm on 11th November 2020, but this is not where their relationship began... 


In 1979, Colin Corfield, the former owner of Owlet, started his fruit growing career with Alan Smith on Loddington Farm. On an Autumn day, Colin was sitting under a pear tree having his lunch break surrounded by fallen fruit. Colin thought there must be a use for it instead of letting it spoil on the ground... and so Owlet Fruit Juice began.


41 years later, Owlet Juice is a household name and is back at the farm for an exciting new chapter. 

Loddington farm is a fifth-generation, family run business that is changing the way produce is grown. It's not conventional farming, it's not 'organic' farming, it's farming with nature instead of chemicals to produce more nutritious, more environmentally-friendly fruit for our juices. 

Farmers Illustration

Life on the Farm